Creating opportunity with every claim

Every Claim is an Opportunity

SurePower Innovation Claims gives insurance claims professionals the tools and real-time information to automate the clerical and focus on the professional work of the Claims Department. The system is workflow, rules, and roles-based, with a wealth of insurance functionality built-in. 

SurePower Innovation approaches Claims as if it is directing a team with Policy Admin, Billing, Payables, and others across the company, sharing information in real-time. The speed advantages are easy to see but the "claims closed" metric is only one measure of success. This pre-integration creates efficiencies for the claims professional who can then manage by exception and make decisions that create value for the company. Our goal in our system design is to transform claims from a clerical to a decision-making process. 

Each claim starts as a loss. No system can make that go away. But each claim is also an opportunity to create value, such as the following: 

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Producer Loyalty
  • Capture of Competitor's Insured's
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Competitive Advantage

A great system can uncover the value buried in a claim and maximize it. SurePower Innovation enables your company to develop a durable competitive advantage in your claims performance. In a demonstration of SurePower Innovation Claims management software, we often get comments that the system "understands" the needs of the people doing the managing, the processing, and the interaction with the claimants and the agents. This insurance intelligence is the way SurePower Innovation can raise the percentage of tasks that the system handles automatically compared to other technologically similar platforms. 

Speed: To Impress You Must Outrun the Competition

Receiving a claim when you have SurePower Innovation Claims management software is like being a world-class runner receiving a baton. Each stride flows. Each step through the claims lifecycle is seamless. When a new claim is opened the system simultaneously checks the policy for effective date range, coverage and duplicates. If the policy is in force, the coverage and reinsurance information are already there. 

As customer expectations rise it can seem that the finish line is being moved. In customer service you compete not only with other insurance companies but with the best companies in other industries, who raise your customers' expectations. The good news is you can compete, without adding staff as the solution. SurePower Innovation's 360 degree view of the customer from any part of the company gives you a customer service advantage. No one is out-of-touch with the claim's activities. The comprehensive notes system and automatic reminders and sophisticated escalation capabilities give adjusters and managers the tools to respond quickly and appropriately, adding value day in and day out. 

Business Value: Capture & Use Actionable Claims Data

A great Claims management system should be able to capture data on a very granular level. Claims offers the same opportunities as Underwriting to identify patterns of outcomes and act consistently when a case appears with certain attributes, for example when the claims professional makes a decision on reserves. SurePower Innovation's use of single database and sophisticated data marts can capture and, most importantly provide quick access to, this information. A system should enable claims data to be leveraged into underwriting, the products themselves, and marketing. 

SurePower Innovation Claims as Standalone Module

SurePower Innovation Claims can be a standalone module, matching or exceeding other point solutions in features, workflow optimization, and ROI. It shines most brightly, however, when leveraging the entire SurePower Innovation Suite. 

Primary Areas of Automation

  • Coverage Verification
  • Reserves
  • Payments
  • Recoverable Tracking
  • Management of Third-party Providers
  • Litigation Tracking
  • Catastrophe Tracking
  • Special Investigative Unit Functions
  • Fraud Detection
  • Detailed Transaction Logging for Each Claim

Selected Features

  • Support for Multiple Claimants and Multiple Claims under Each Claimant
  • Sophisticated Imaging and Attachment Capabilities (photos, videos, sound clips, documents)
  • Sophisticated Correspondence Capabilities
  • Track Current & Expected Salvage, Subrogation, Deductible Recovery
  • Immediate or Batch Check Issuance
  • Fast Track Payment Support
  • Multiple Payment Support
  • 1099 Tracking
  • Ability to Keep Expense Reserves Open when Closing Indemnity
  • Average Reserving

All Four Access Types-Internal, Agent, Customer, Vendor/Third-party

  • Comprehensive Security (access determined by role, group, or individual)
  • Customer Online Secure Self-service (loss reporting, claims status, etc.)
  • Online Portals for Agents and Third-parties (you define what is viewed)

QA from a Demonstration

Q: Can you start a claim with no policy info?
A: Yes. But you can't make payments or other financial transactions.

Q: How does an emailed document attach automatically to the right claim?
A: The system scans for the claim number and brings up the claim for verification.

Q: If we have a claim with certain characteristics, can we require, say, five steps with that claim?
A: Yes. The rules you set up can have a sequence of steps.

Q: What do I need to look up a claim?
A: You can search on virtually any data in the claim, including insured, claimant, address, policy number, phone number, check number, etc.

Comment: "That vacation routing is unique in what we've seen. What seems like a little thing can make a big difference to a manager."

That's why we like to do in-person demos. There are lots of gems that come up in the interaction.

"We were further impressed with the insurance intelligence built into even the smallest parts of SurePower Innovation. It is unique to find such rich insurance knowledge and a thoroughly modern platform in a single system."

Chris Belle

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