Policy Administration

The heart of every system

The Most Important System Choice You Will Make

Policy administration is the heart of every company. We have entered an era where policy information for insurance operations must be "everywhere" within your company and selectively and securely accessed by partners and customers outside the company. A modern system can bring insurers into this era, while positioning them for the future.

Why SurePower Innovation Policy Admin?

SurePower Innovation gives you 360-degree, real-time views of all information you have for a customer, no matter what part of insurance operations it originates. Access is securely controlled through roles-based authority. An agent sees only what you want him or her to see. An underwriter, of course, has access to much more information. But it is the same system, no translation, no data conversions between two systems. SurePower Innovation delivers all three views from the same system: company, consumer and agent/other third-party views.

SurePower Innovation's rules and workflow capabilities enable you to profit from this change of policy admin being only the creation and maintenance of a policy of record to policy admin ideally being a process of transforming all information captured by your company into actionable, potential opportunities.

ISCS has worked with Verisk to offer integration with ISO Rating Service® for ISO's loss costs, rules, and policy-forms information. SurePower Innovation's configuration capabilities enable you to modify ISO or other third party information for flexible optimizing of your underwriting automation.

Rating providers such as AAIS, NetRate and others are also available. SurePower Innovation enables you to create your own forms and make changes to acquired data.

Features and Benefits

  • Its own rating engine or a third-party's may be used
  • Can run rules on the incoming data and apply them (e.g. automatically pulling a C.L.U.E. report and applying your company's experience rating rules to immediately calculate a premium based on the history of losses)
  • Pre-integration eliminates redundancy with producers or insureds information requests
  • Real-time quoting
  • Automated underwriting
  • New policy issuance automated rate management
  • Out-of-sequence endorsements; endorsements same day as issuance
  • Automated renewals, cancellations, reinstatements
  • Automated reinsurance straight-through or batch output production
  • Runs all lines of business (commercial, personal and specialty) on the same system using a common data model


"Essentially all of an insurer's activities and processes happen through the use of a policy administration system, or through the exchange information and data with a policy administration system.

Licensing, implementing, and deploying a new policy administration system is often the biggest, most complex, and most costly technology initiative that a property/casualty insurer can undertake."

Donald Light
Senior Analyst

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