Visibility like nothing
you've ever seen

Will my installation succeed?

The unique visibility ISCS provides is key to ensuring that your project succeeds.

By "succeeds," we not only mean "on time" but also that the result is what you want it to be. We don't know of any other vendor in the insurance industry that provides transparency even close to ours. The visibility isn't for its own sake—it delivers business value.

During the project you have access to the project management tool that we use internally. You can see down to the level of what developer is working on a specific part of your project that week. If you wanted, you could even attend or listen in on the daily meeting, the "scrum," when that developer says what he is going to do that day and what he needs to get it done. You see all our internal project reports, scorecards, product "burn-down" lists, and so on.

How does this level of access deliver business value?

First, you can see that our people and yours are working on the items that have the highest business value. In fact, you control the priority of the work. 

Second, you clearly see what our team needs from your people to do their next task. This also gives you the information you need to adjust the project tasks to align with the availability of your staff.

Third, our team regularly presents something that performs a business function and which you can evaluate and QA. This is not prototyping, what is presented is produced by actual, tested configuration or code that will be in the final project. Your people can quickly see if the result isn't what you need and make adjustments before major resources are burned up.

If you see an opportunity for a change that will increase business value, you can act on it or decide not to. You have the information you need to evaluate if the change is worth either the extra time or budget it would take. You may decide to do it but remove a lower priority item to stay on schedule and within the original budget.

The cumulative effect of this visibility over the course of the project is that when we reach completion, you know you have a result that does what you want and it's the result with the highest business value for the amount you have invested; it has been rigorously tested by us and QA'd by you; and it is ready for production.

We have learned from experience that this approach is necessary for the insurance industry.

In six months time, let alone a year, your specifications will undoubtedly have changed because the market, your products and processes, regulations and other dynamics have changed. Our visibility lets you drive the project to a result that meets your needs at the time you deploy it.

This approach is in sharp contrast to developers taking a large set of specifications and "disappearing" for long periods of time and developing without you seeing what they are doing. They return with what they define as "done," but it doesn't do what you need it to do. At that point, it is very costly in calendar time and developer hours to recover. The result is rarely solid and robust and rarely gives you a result that optimizes your business—if it gives you a result at all.

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