SurePower Insights

Fast 360-degree insight into data

Data that Drives Action

Advanced analytics can transform how you do business. However, insurers' existing technology landscapes, consisting of traditional organizational and technical silos, make it difficult to quickly obtain the enterprise-wide view of data needed for maximum benefit. And, solutions in the market produce a fixed set of dashboards, reports and analysis that look great but are barely used.

Why SurePower Insights?

We developed SurePower Insights, a business intelligence offering within the SurePower Innovation®, to overcome these challenges. Unlike other solutions out there, SurePower Insights' architecture - developed by insurance experts with the business of insurance in mind - consists of a true engine built for analytics and modern software to visualize data. This architecture enables you to have conversations with your data, giving you the insights you need to make critical business decisions.

SurePower Insights offers a fast, interactive data environment. While it features the dashboards and tools you would expect, SurePower Insights learns and grows with the business. You can set up rules and triggers to automatically send notifications. As the system gets smarter, it delivers business-improving recommendations, enabling you to make the best strategic decisions and take steady tactical action.

360-Degree View

SurePower Insights delivers fast, valuable insight into consumers, agents and even company resources, providing a complete view of meaningful information in the market and organization. This modern software visualizes information wherever you work, on anything with a browser - mobile phone, tablet, desktop, etc. - without an additional log-in or installing additional software.

Platform Built for Insurance Data

Existing technology in the market that consists of traditional database offerings with bolted-in products for analytics, making access to information slow and painful. SurePower Insights leverages a unique combination of advanced technology from Amazon Web Services, analytic-specific software Looker and insurance knowledge from ISCS experts to enable easy, fast access to important data, speeding up the time from activity to analysis to action.

Smart System that Learns Your Business

Current tools only give data analysis that can be used retroactively in tactical decision-making. The more SurePower Insights is used, the more it learns needs, preferences and behaviors, resulting in actionable information proactively delivered via the system's recommendation engine. With preconfigured metadata, high-fidelity dashboarding, triggers and rules, you can have conversations with your data, initiated by your data to take tactical and strategic action.

Cost- and Workflow-Efficient

Setting up users to take advantage of SurePower Insights is easy and cost-efficient. This SaaS offering doesn't require space on the PC, users don't need an additional log-on and you're assured that all users are on the same, current version. The application can be accessed on anything with a browser without installing additional software. And, unlike other BI offerings in the insurance industry, with SurePower Insights there are no additional license fees when you send the reports to agents to manipulate.

Additional Features and Benefits

• Drive strategic and operational decision-making 
• Generate click-and-run reports
• Obtain fast looks/reports, accessible on desktops and mobile devices
• Decrease IT strain, as all users are always on the same version
• Provide faster answers for agents and customers
• Improve operational efficiency
• Create next-generation products 

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