Automated payment processing and bank account management

Payables Automation

SurePower Innovation's Payables Module completely automates payment processing and bank account management, from check issuance to electronic payments, for all departments. The module provides all interfaces and connections required for clearing and non-cashed check processing. 

The pre-integrated approach consolidates payables management, providing consistency and control across departments and eliminating the need for multiple payment issuance systems or authorization mechanisms for issuance (as with a system composed of multiple vendor solutions). The Payables Module simplifies the oversight needed to ensure that only authorized and secure issuance of checks and other forms of payment are made. 

Payables Managed:

  • Claims Payments
  • Third-party Payments
  • Commission Checks
  • Return Premiums

Key Features:

  • Electronic Interface for Bank Statement Clearing*
  • Positive Pay Capability
  • Void & Stop Payment Support

* including payment clearing and processing of uncashed checks 

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