Modern technology, business agility

SurePower Innovation is designed to configure easily, scale effortlessly and upgrade flawlessly, so it can adapt quickly.

Our technology delivers business agility.

The insurance business is changing moving faster than ever before. Today's modern enterprise suites can better enable insurers to keep up with these changes and grow their business. However, not all suites are the same, and not all modern technology is what it seems. The technology choices we made in creating SurePower Innovation were to create a system that supports the ever-changing insurance business environment. SurePower Innovation is built on one platform. From the beginning, SurePower Innovation was designed as one pre-integrated technology with a modular structure. With SurePower Innovation you won't face the complications that come from systems sewn together with integration, including uncommon libraries, multiple databases and drawn-out upgrades.

All lines of business are on the same system, which means one set of tools and one place to make changes. Every module, from policy administration to reinsurance to business intelligence, function effortlessly together, while remaining open for easy third-party integration. SurePower Innovation's modular structure enables a flexible approach to incorporating other solutions and leveraging of legacy technologies.

SurePower Innovation's advanced technology gives the insurer the power to:

Quickly Adapt to a Changing Market
Through Configuration via PowerTools™

SurePower Innovation's comprehensive functionality, across departments, and a common data model help insurers avoid product changes that present integration complexities and multiple testing points found in other systems. And, in today's market, these changes need to be made quickly. SurePower Innovation comes complete with PowerTools-a configuration toolset that reduces dependency on technical staff, enabling subject matter experts to make system and product configuration changes on the fly. And, SurePower Innovation's modern, pre-integrated architecture enables quick configuration and testing, thanks to its powerful automated unit and functional regression tests. Authorized business users can easily write functional tests for the new or changed product, or with an assist from IT. And, for complex configurations, you can extend the capabilities of SurePower Innovation by leveraging a suite of secure application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable developers to take advantage of an extensive set of core Web services.

Upgrade Faster

ISCS spends a considerable amount of time and effort around R&D and releases multiple product upgrades annually. But what good are those releases if it takes too long to upgrade? Our environment makes deployment of upgrades possible in days or weeks, rather than months or even years. SurePower Innovation's advanced architecture enables us to avoid customizing the logic, or changing anything in the base code when a customer makes custom changes. Anything done specific to a customer is either configuration or extension, which means it extends what is currently in the base. Upgrades are faster and less costly, and you're able to get back to business.

Scale as Needed

SurePower Innovation was designed with the insurance business in mind, especially supporting unexpected spikes in writing business and responding to even the most historic catastrophic events. Extensive policy and claims performance testing results of average page-to-page response times at well under one second and the ability to handle the throughput of some 15,000 claims per hour prove that the SurePower Innovation has platform can successfully handle needs of today's property and casualty insurers. And, through SurePackage, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment option, insurers can deploy SurePower Innovation without purchasing and maintaining back-end servers.

Stay Current with Industry Standards

We chose Java as the programming environment because it runs on all major manufacturer equipment and operating systems. Its millions of programmers provide a readily available talent pool, and it is robust and easily supported.

Have Access to the Source Code

Access to the source code comes standard with your license. You may never need to touch it, but it does give you peace of mind.

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