Have a business line
or function that must
run on a legacy system?

Do I need to install the entire suite?

Can't Retire

Sometimes legacy systems perform certain tasks very, very well, and it doesn't make sense to retire them. Other situations may be political: Underwriting will not change systems until the VP of Underwriting retires.

In either case, you want the benefit the legacy system provides (the special performance or the smiling VP) and you want it to work as seamlessly as possible with your new modern system. You may also want to select a new system that makes it easy to transition from the legacy system when the time comes.

Wrap it up

SurePower Innovation's architecture is ideal for both situations, and ISCS's insurance expertise can be a critical resource. As a robust, SOA system, SurePower Innovation can treat your legacy technology as another business service, essentially putting a "wrapper" around it. This isn't an unusual solution, once you've introduced an SOA system.

Now go one better

Here's where the insurance expertise ISCS brings comes to bear. The legacy solution, by definition, isn't modern technology. Along with the benefits that compel you to keep it, there are inefficiencies, maybe some manual tasks that won't have to be done in the new system, definitely a higher cost of making changes. The more you can identify as not needing to go through the legacy system, the more you are leveraging the value of your modern technology.

Unwrap it

SurePower Innovation is rules-based and enables you to set up very sophisticated workflows and exception-based management. While the tendency is to wrap a legacy system into a "black box" where things go in and things come out, SurePower Innovation enables you to pare away the layers of the wrapper. It may be that certain tasks and workflows that were thought integral to the legacy system can be separated from it and handed off for automated processing by SurePower Innovation.

With SurePower Innovation, you have the tools to remove the layers of the legacy system until only the core value it is contributing remains under the old technology.

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