You're the new CIO

How does ISCS help me in my role?

You're the new CIO

A new CIO often has one shot at a large project. You need a vendor like ISCS that has a proven track record of successful implementations. How we go about it can help, too. As a new CIO, you're earning respect across the company. With a system change, you may meet with skepticism, even resistance. Our processes give you quick, visible wins during implementation, gaining buy-in across the company.

You may even have been brought in to make big changes in how the company operates, not only technology but also business processes and business growth plans. We bring the insurance expertise to enable you to get best practices in place during configuration. The nature of our system gives you the extensibility to handle growth in volume, lines, and states, to a large level with existing staff resources.

As a new CIO, you may naturally have uncertainty among your IT staff. Our solution's minimal level of skills needed to become productive with it, our scalable support, and the flexibility to fit the needs from small to large IT departments enable you to make sure the IT staff doesn't feel threatened or overly challenged.

Another key point is that our system exists. That may sound ridiculous, but when we demonstrate SurePower Innovation, we can show it working end-to-end. We can give you a sandbox system to play with. We run thousands of automated tests on the system daily and have a history of strong quality assurance. This shouldn't be a differentiator in our industry, but currently it is.

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