Start-up Executive

How does ISCS help me in my role?

Start-up Executive

ISCS offers a very powerful, end-to-end system ideal for a start-up's needs. We don't just lower the barrier to market entry, we remove it.

We have deep insurance knowledge to help you establish processes. We can host your system initially and transition it to an in-house system later, if you want, so you have no delays or costs setting up infrastructure. We provide business process outsourcing—any type of production or mailing that you need in conducting the business of insurance. 

ISCS has a proven track record with start-ups. SurePower Innovation can be your differentiator. You have a clear purpose in starting up a new business. You see an opportunity and want to seize it. With SurePower Innovation, you can be up and running before that opportunity disappears. You can grow extremely fast and the system will scale with you. You can handle a large volume with very few staff.

SurePower Innovation's capability to make rapid changes serves a start-up well. You can change and tune your products as you encounter and learn from the forces in the market, giving you the flexibility to define your company and thrive.

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