Somebody really wants X,
Y, or  Z point solution

Do I need to install the entire suite?

Someone has fallen for

A document management system... or a claims system... or a rating engine... or a billing system. They want to rule out SurePower Innovation because it's an enterprise-level solution.

First, of course, we would want you to look at the benefits of the full SurePower Innovation Suite to the company as a whole. If you can, do a five-year total cost of ownership analysis. Be sure to look at what ongoing integration costs will be, how often will upgrades be done, by how many vendors? Compare features. The 80/20 rule usually applies 20% of the features give 80% of the value.

Now, let's suppose you take that all back to the department head and he or she still has eyes only for a point solution. Well...

We'll let you in on a little secret.

SurePower Innovation is an ideal foundational core for a best-of-breed approach. We just don't want you to miss out on something better, the value of a pre-integrated enterprise system. But the reality is every enterprise solution is a hybrid in some way. Even SurePower Innovation doesn't have everything—GL,  Finance/Payroll, those functions we didn't think made sense to build with the options available and little added value by being pre-integrated. We don't have CAT models or predictive analytics either. We do have what analyst and former CIO Deborah Smallwood called "the foundation of a highly functional and flexible, modern, integrated architecture." Yes, we are a best-of-breed architecture.

We'll go to pieces over you.

SurePower Innovation is a modular suite that is standards-based and built on a solid SOA architecture for easy integration with other software vendors and content providers.  You can use SurePower Innovation to automate a single function, a single department, or, the architecture and common data model for your system, rules and workflows. SurePower Innovation can be the ideal core of your system.  

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