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Our Mission — Your Success

ISCS provides a cloud-based insurance processing platform, a primary driver of business success for P&C insurers now and in the future.


  • Our Technology and Product - SurePower Innovation® is designed to configure easily, scale effortlessly and upgrade flawlessly, so it can adapt quickly. SurePower Innovation is offered entirely in the cloud and was designed as one pre-integrated technology with a modular structure.
  • Our Delivery - While SurePower Innovation is available as an on-premises solution, with our complete, managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution (SurePackage), we're able to offer and manage for you a plethora of services that are unmatched by any solution provider in the P&C industry, all with one service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Our Customers - More than 35 insurance organizations writing all P&C lines in all 50 states turn to SurePower Innovation for all of their insurance processing needs. 
  • Our People - Being named a Top Workplace in the Bay Area for five years in a row attracts talented and engaged team members, and our leadership team has an average of 25 years of experience in insurance and/or technology. 
  • Our Track Record - 20+ Years of experience automating insurance organizations and 17+ years providing a complete managed SaaS solution. And, we've never failed at taking a customer from contract to production, which means our customers always succeed. 

Our Technology and Product

Our SurePower® product line is a fully Web-based Java platform that meets the technical criteria that insurers are requiring in new systems.

The modular enterprise suite, SurePower Innovation, uses Web services and ACORD XML standards and is accessible through a RESTful API. It extends beyond core administration (policy, billing and claims) to include reinsurance, business intelligence (BI), insurance accounting, payables, document management, producer/commission management, agent/consumer portals and more.

From the beginning, SurePower Innovation was designed as one pre-integrated technology with a modular structure. It can be implemented as an enterprise system, delivering the benefits of pre-integrated functionality, or with modules from other vendors for some of the functions SurePower provides. We offer flexibility in configuring the system and implementing your business strategy.

Our Delivery

While SurePower Innovation is available as an on-premises solution, our complete, managed SaaS solution (SurePackage) enables us to offer and manage a plethora of services that are unmatched by any core system provider in the P&C insurance industry, all with one SLA. SurePackage mitigates risk and enables technology teams to be more strategic and innovative.

Far more than a simple hosting solution, SurePackage enables each insurer to have its own virtual data environment designed for extreme business variations. As demand increases, the entire system replicates itself. Business applications are consistently up and running.

Our Customers

More than 35 insurance organizations writing all P&C lines - personal, commercial and specialty - in all 50 states turn to this cloud-based platform for all of their insurance processing needs. Our customers report operational efficiency gains, return on investment, fast implementations and improved customer service. See for yourself, by reading the stories of some of our most successful customers, Cornerstone National Insurance CompanyMississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association and The Philadelphia Contributionship.

Our customers also play a key role in product enhancements and development of future products and services. The SurePower User Group Leadership Council - comprising SurePower Innovation users - solicits, collects and focuses input from the user community for the purpose of open, effective and transparent communication between the user community and ISCS on issues of common interest surrounding our offerings. The user community gathers annually for the SurePower User Group Conference, a two-day event for sharing ideas and strategies. 

Our People

ISCS's leadership team has an average of 25 years of experience in insurance and/or technology. Team members have sat in the same chair as department heads, CIOs, owners, agents, underwriters, operations staff and more. This insurance industry experience means we understand an insurer's need for trust and true vendor partner relationships. We designed our technology and our services to allow you to do as much or as little in house as you decide to do. We are always available as a resource but our business model is not based on client dependency. You have control of your destiny, on the IT side and on the business side.

We are thought leaders in the P&C insurance industry, meeting regularly with the major analysts, publishers, and other experts in the field. We not only exhibit at conferences, we attend the sessions and often appear on the panel discussions as experts. We have written articles on the latest technologies and their practical application for insurers that have been published in major industry publications.

We're especially proud of our consistent placement in the Top Workplaces in the Bay Area ranking for five years in a row. Our team members are engaged and motivated to develop and deliver top-notch products and services to our customers.

Our Track Record

ISCS is a partner with a proven track record. We understand insurance, and our expertise serves as the core of everything we do. We share your goals and are determined to see your company succeed beyond implementation.

Failure has never been an option. Since our founding, we have successfully taken more than 30 U.S. property and casualty insurers from contract to production. Determined to be a partner in our customers' implementation success, we rely on a combination of modern technology, insurance expertise and agile implementation methodology.

Our determination doesn't stop at implementation. Along with a standard customer support and training team, we have designated customer success advocates dedicated to each of our customers' journeys with ISCS to ensure goals are met and success is ongoing.


"SurePower Innovation will evolve with the users and the product. That's one of the things we like about ISCS. They're always refreshing the system to keep it up to date and ready for the future."


Ben Cartafalsa
IT Project Manager
The Philadelphia Contributionship

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