No. The system is modular.
Start small if you'd like.

Do I need to install the entire suite?

No. The system is modular. Start small if you'd like.

Even though SurePower Innovation offers an enterprise-level breadth of functionality, that doesn't mean you must implement all the modules or implement them all at the same time. You can use SurePower Innovation to automate a single function, line, or state.

Flexible Options

SurePower Innovation's modular, robust SOA technology allows you to implement the system incrementally, enabling you to gauge the business value that SurePower Innovation provides, for example, after implementing a single product line. The decision to extend SurePower Innovation to more products or that product to more states then becomes an easier one.

Alignment with Your Internal Resources

You also may want to spread an implementation's demand on your internal resources over time by pacing your implementation, function by function.  SurePower Innovation doesn't require that you "rip and replace." With the iterative methodologies we use, however, sometimes a one-time, large transition is actually safer to do (our way) than a series of medium-sized projects using different methods.

If you choose the function by function path, the optimal starting point is policy administration. However, if the most severe pain point is claims, for example, that can be the starting point.

You Can Choose Your Best Path to a Modern System

Our technology is flexible and our teams experienced in a large variety of implementation types. We can align a rollout plan to your internal resources and company strategy.

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