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Analyst Reports

Published by Strategy Meets Action

SMA provides research and analysis of insurers’ use of cloud computing today, investment plans and how cloud benefits can add up for the business.
Published by Strategy Meets Action

SMA provides results of a survey of how P&C insurers are modernizing their policy administrations systems and identifies some of the returns from investing in PAS modernization.
Published by Strategy Meets Action

SMA provides analysis of core systems, IT investments and application architecture in the insurance industry and how ISCS's SurePower Innovation modern enterprise suite aligns with insurers' strategic needs.
Published by Novarica

Novarica provides analysis of policy administration system offerings in the market, a summary of insurers’ needs in this area and a profile of ISCS’s SurePower Innovation.


The SurePower Innovation brochure provides a quick view of the range of functionality in the SurePower Innovation modern enterprise suite.
Focus on what’s important and let us manage the rest. ISCS’s SurePower Innovation® Modern Enterprise Suite is offered in the cloud via ISCS’s SurePackage deployment option—a complete managed SaaS solution that mitigates risk and allows your technology team to be more strategic and innovate for your business.
ISCS’s SurePower Innovation® Modern Enterprise Suite comes complete with PowerTools—a configuration toolset that reduces your dependency on technical staff, enabling your subject matter experts to make system and product configuration changes on the fly, saving you time and money.
ISCS can take care of the printing, distribution, proof of mailing and assembly of policies, invoices, legal notices and other insurance-related documents straight from SurePower Innovation, so you can get back to your core business.
Learn exactly what you need to become more effective, more quickly. ISCS’s formal classroom- and Web-based training and certification program is designed to target specific roles and requirements.
ISCS’s consumer and agent mobile apps are secure, brandable solutions developed to help property and casualty stay competitive in a mobile market driven by ever-changing consumer expectations.
This business intelligence offering within SurePower Innovation® produces real-time, dynamic, 360-degree insight into the enterprise. SurePower Insights’ engine built for analytics and modern visualization software enables insurers to have conversations with their data, giving them the insights they need to make critical business decisions.

Customer Success

The nine-month implementation of ISCS’s SurePower Innovation cloud-based platform enabled the Florida homeowners insurer to develop and go live with a quick quote tool in just four months. And, they started realizing the benefits immediately.
After implementing SurePower Innovation, delivered via SurePackage, the insurer improved data quality, rating speed and claims handling. They also exceeded their straight-through processing goals without relaxing any established underwriting criteria.
After a smooth and quick implementation of SurePower Innovation®, the insurer quickly began realizing the benefits, including cutting mortgage notification costs, integrating the system with other systems, saving their agents’ time by using a self-service portal and enjoying the ability to scale their resources as needed.
Two failed attempts at implementing a new system meant the insurer had to get it right this time around. Now, after turning to ISCS for an on-time and on-budget implementation of SurePower Innovation, the insurer is benefiting from better agent communication and faster, more intuitive quoting and was able to start writing business in a new state in just nine months.

White Papers & Published Articles

The digital journey begins with management committing to begin the effort. Technology comes next, and cloud is a key enabler. This white paper highlights the possibilities, realities and challenges that insurers will face along the journey.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

Success for an IT implementation looks very different to the CEO, CFO, CIO, etc. – and you can't make everybody happy.
By Leslie Holden-Mikesell, VP, Professional Services, ISCS

While some insurers question why there isn`t a middle step between agile and waterfall, others are gaining confidence with the process using five simple steps to propel them toward success.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

Digging deep into the architecture of today’s modern suites.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

Modern enterprise suites today offer the same robust functionality once offered only by best-of-breed solutions, but with better integration, faster access to critical data, significantly easier upgrades, and ultimately, better results.
By Doug Moore, CTO, ISCS

Many challenges stand in the way of delivering a fully functional mobile product, and a few even demand new ways of thinking about how we develop software.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

Deciding that the time is right for core policy system replacement isn’t the same as being ready to do so, but mistaking the two is a common trap for insurers to fall into
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

Cloud is already changing the future of how applications are built and how business functionality is provided, and it could be your ticket to salvaging the technology investments your company has made without an additional broad outlay of capital.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

The benefits seem obvious, yet few insurers are fully putting agile methods to work. "Playing it safe," however may be more risky than going agile.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

To make an agile implementation work, the selected system capabilities must be sophisticated enough to enable the claims organization to transform to a quality-consistent, customer service team focus.
By Andy Scurto, President, ISCS

Technology and computing have come a long way since the days of the massive, centralized mainframes that took up whole rooms.

Webinars & Videos

Artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and machine learning in insurance might seem too far away to make a priority. However, with the current rate of change in our industry, it’ll be here before you know it. So, it is time to begin envisioning the business case for adoption, starting with business intelligence.
For insurers developing a mobile app, the challenges are plentiful – obtaining executive buy-in and support, quantifying ROI, ensuring back-end performance, just to name a few. A design approach when creating mobile apps could result in a channel that is used often and exceeds customers’ expectations.
Why are 68% of P&C insurers planning to increase their use of cloud-based services over the next three years? Many see an opportunity to finally retire their legacy systems and leapfrogging ahead of the competition by moving their core systems into the cloud. This webinar examines how insurers can leverage the key benefits of cloud-based solutions, including much faster time to market, greatly accelerated implementation timelines, reduced IT and development costs and more.
Although simultaneous replacement of their core systems is still a frightening prospect for most insurers, new upgrade technologies and migration strategies actually provide significant advantages. During this webinar, Union Mutual of Vermont Companies and the Mississippi Wind Underwriting Association share their recent core system replacement experiences and relate how they were able to quickly retire their legacy systems, while increasing their speed to market, improving relationships with their agents and realizing a wide range of additional benefits.
Predictions of the future of insurance are aplenty – connected cars and homes, mobile disruption, changes in the distribution network. What is a fact is that the future will be different and insurers will need to be flexible and ready to change quickly. In this webinar, get a glimpse into the future, what it means for you and what you need to do now to prepare.
How an insurance suite was architected can put an insurer at either an advantage or a disadvantage from the beginning. Find out how.
SurePower Innovation provides the ability to easily configure the system to adapt to changing business needs and the foundation needed to take full advantage of emerging technologies.
Length: 2:05
ISCS President Andy Scurto clears up the confusion and explains why cloud is the new norm.
Length: 4:37
ISCS President Andy Scurto details the importance of turning data into actionable information and how ISCS’s business intelligence offering, SurePower Insights, makes it happen.
Customers and ISCS’s VP, Professional Services Leslie Holden-Mikesell weigh in on implementation success.
Length: 3:35
When our customers speak, we not only listen, we take action. Customers talk about the truly collaborative relationship they have with ISCS.
Length: 3:13
Highlights from SPUG 2013 in San Jose, CA.
Length: 3:23
Highlights from SPUG 2014 in Nashville, TN.
Length: 2:30
Highlights from SPUG 2015 in Santa Clara, CA.
Length: 2:17
"When you see the breadth and depth of ISCS's SurePower Innovation Suite, you realize it is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. In our analysis, it is a wise investment either purchased whole or as a foundation."

Deborah Smallwood
Principal, Founder
Strategy Meets Action

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